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PLEASE NOTE: This form should only be submitted if you are already a member hotel or if you have already sent an application form to become a member hotel. Your hotel needs to be registered with GDS/Amadeus system and have an Amadeus code to submit.

If your hotel is not a part of the GDS/Amadeus system we can offer you our own free online booking system. More information about the system can be found here.

Booking process:

To facilitate the booking process for the hotel and our members, the rates should be loaded on GDS.

PSEUDO Citycode: 33792161 (This number is also the IATA number belonging to API, our GDS online booking provider).
Description: ISP1S38AB
Rate code: Hotel Express International (HEI)

All rates are strictly confidential and accessible to Hotel Express Members only.
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I hereby confirm that I am authorized to update this hotel’s information and that the rates made available to Hotel Express Members are up to 50% discounted rates, as contractually stipulated.

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