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Let Your Hotel Be Part Of The Success


Hotel Express welcomes feedback from participating hotels. So if you have any - good or bad, please send us an e-mail by clicking here.

Below you can find a collection of testimonials that we have received.

"Hotel Express International has enabled Wyndham Hotels & Resorts to increase the exposure of our hotels and resorts throughout Scandinavia and most of Europe. They are very cooperative in the relationship between our companies, and we both benefit from this. Wyndham looks forward to our growing and continued association."

Patricia Graham - Director, National Sales, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, USA

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"It is a great pleasure for me to confirm that we have been working with Hotel Express for 3 years. We welcome all your clients to the tallest hotel in Europe."

Richard Pignoly - Director of sales, Le Meridien Part-Dieu, Lyon, France

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"I have enrolled the West Park Hotel in the past and Hotel Express International gave me good business. I decided that when I changed my place of work, I would sign up my new property; Doral Park Avenue Hotel."

Bozhidar Bachvarov - Director Front Office Operations, Doral Park Avenue Hotel, New York City

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"We were wanting to continue our association with Hotel Express International as we saw it as a good way to try to fill up the rooms in the low and middle seasons. At our hotel in France we joined HEI for this reason and it was working well. Clients would stay with us for a first time and then discover the region and return, often with their family and friends. We hope that our previous success with HEI continues with our new business."

Susan and Alain Pastre - Managers, Roseneath, Tasmania, Australia

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"I find your program very good and it also works very well.

We have received many reservations through your company and hope to receive more in the future."

Luis Santos - Manager Plaza Hotel Düsseldorf, Germany

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"Efficient, Professional and Customer Focused are three words that first come to mind when I think of Hotel Express International and their booking system. We find that the program fits well into our reservation requirements and we look forward to this continuing well into the future."

Jason Hague - Manager London Lodge Hotel (Kensington), UK

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"We have good experience with Hotel Express, and we consider this as a positive and rewarding business partner."

Gry Heidi Theigler Andresen - Best Western Grand Hotel, Tønsberg, Norway

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"Our membership with Hotel Express International helps us to sell the empty rooms. This way we are covering the basic costs, in addition to increasing the revenue in the restaurant. Hotel Express members are very much welcome here, and they always get the best available rooms. Our guests feel at home here, and they appreciate that during their many travelling days a year." 

Margareta Royal - Manager at Stora Herrestads Gästgifveri in Ystad, Sweden

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"In the past 2 years while I was Director of Sales at Traders Ocean Resort, Florida, Hotel Express International was of a tremendous help for us to fill our empty rooms when was needed. We also benefited from an international exposure through their website and published book. That is why, when being transferred to Holiday Inn Hollywood Beach, Florida, I wanted to include the property at my new place of work."

Nohad Chammah - Senior Sales Manager, Holiday Inn Hollywood Beach

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"Hotel Express International card program is an efficient help for the last minute sales. Co-operation with Hotel Express has always been functioning perfectly and in the future we hope to be able to welcome many Hotel Express card holders as our guests. We welcomed over 800 Hotel Express guests during the year 2001"

Johanna Vireaho - Sales manager at Seaside Hotel in Helsinki, Finland

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